I'm Darshan Kulkarni.

I’m an FDA expert and patient advocate. Informed by my doctorates in pharmacy and in law, my goal is to help patients understand why things are the way they are, and what we can achieve together in the short and long terms while maintaining transparency.

My Mission

At the core of my work is a simple, but powerful question: Why are patients not at the core of their own disease experience? [need 2-3 sentences elaborating question]

The first way I try to answer that question is to take the complex and make it simple to understand.

  • How do you experience your disease?
  • Are you aware of options to manage your disease?
  • What stops you from taking an active role in your own disease experience?

The second way I try to answer that question is to apply these insights to everyday life. What are the most effective ways to improve your activities of daily living? How can we enable you to live your life comfortably and healthily?

My ultimate goal is to enable you to be the best version of you possible, and I hope that I play a role in getting you there.

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